Evolution Gaming acquires Big Time Gaming


Evolution Gaming has a long history in the iGaming industry. The Swedish casino games provider has a long history of success and has become a veritable hegemon in the market. By resorting massively to buyouts, it clearly announces the color to serve the best offer to the players but also to make the quality of the games evolve. We warmly applaud this new performance which will make the Evolution Group the full owner of the Australian Big Time Gaming in 2024. This promises to be a big deal in online gaming rooms!

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Another successful deal for the Swedish publisher

You can’t blame one of the biggest casino game publishing groups for aiming for the best. “The addition of BTG to our slots portfolio will strengthen our strategic position as the world’s leading online casino games company,” says Evolution Group president Jens Von Bahr. And judging by the effectiveness of previous acquisitions, you don’t need a crystal ball to know that we are facing a major reshaping of the face of online casinos!

Indeed, we remember with emotion the addition of NetEnt and Red Tiger to the Swedish giant’s roster. In 2020, the modest total of $1.9 billion had been advanced to the table to draw another Swedish Prodigy, the world-known creator of more than 200 slots, that has nothing to do with embarrassing video games since 1996!

As of June 30, 2021, Evolution Gaming Group AB has definitively acquired Big Time Gaming (BTG), which is a historic step for the two great champions of the online casino.

450 million in shares and cash to buy BTG

In order to gain full access to BTG’s technology, Evolution Gaming will still have to pay a colossal first sum of €220 million in 2021, of which €80 million will be immediate. It is not common to have to pay cash for such a big stake, but Evolution has to put its hand up by also delivering the rest in the form of company shares, if it wants to be able to enjoy the promising benefits of the Australian publisher one day! As long as the payment does not match the future returns, the BTG acquisition will not be effective until 2024, which is an eternity!

In 2022 and 2023, 230 million will remain to be paid: 70% will be paid in cash and the shares issued by the Evolution Group will count for 30%. In a hurry to implement the new features, Evolution Gaming, expects to see effective results from April 2021. Not only that, the profit per share of the company will certainly increase but the highly innovative gaming portfolio is inexorably extending just as the business outlook is owned by the expansion group thanks to its new footprint about BTG. It’s not everyday that an old Australian specialist is offered to scratch cards!


Big Time Gaming and its famous “Megaways” slot machines

The head of Australian slot publisher BTG, Nik Robinson, is looking forward to this “perfect alliance”. For him: “Big time Gaming and Evolution are both motivated innovation. A bright and fun future awaits players!”.

Indeed, BTG has more than one trick up its sleeve when it comes to gaming inventions. By adding the “Megaways” mechanism to its slot machines, Big Time has increased the number of paylines a hundredfold. This time, players could magically get 100,000 paylines instead of 10! Since this creation, which was unanimously praised by players and casino operators, at least 200 slot machines of competing brands have been equipped with this feature. Just goes to show, Big Time Gaming hits the bull’s eye every time!

It must be said that Megaways that spawn “Megapays” is BTG’s main trademark. But the Australian publisher has produced some of the most modern and lucrative slots in the world, such as Monopoly Megaways or Bonanza Megapays, with its 6 reel Megaways and cascading payouts, so much so that every casino player dreams of them!

How far will Evolution Gaming go?

Already, Evolution Gaming has been widely rewarded for all its marketing strategies by winning the Best Casino Provider award at the EGR B2B Awards 11 times! It’s no wonder then that this Swedish giant continues to gain ground in the hearts of Internet users by stepping on the toes of game software developers who otherwise admire it.


It’s not clear yet which game publisher will be the next acquisition on the list. But for now, it is certain that Evolution Gaming is also the leader in live casino games. And its own games like Mega Wheel and Crazy Time are a hit! The range of games available in its gaming portfolio is endless, and there are so many to choose from. Between craps, roulette and baccarat games, we don’t know where to turn, especially since the most addictive slot machines from NetEnt have entered the battle!

With Evolution Gaming, there is never a dull moment! In the iGaming industry, it is a must-have game publisher for players who want value for their money… and then some!

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