Pokerstars and Oracle Red Bull Racing seal Global Partnership


Pokerstars and Oracle Red Bull Racing seal Global Partnership? PokerStars online poker is, shortly before the launch of the new season, signing an advertising and exclusive development contract with British Automobile Formula One: Red Bull Racing, which belongs to Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz since 2005. The fortunes of this businessman, -founder of searing beverage, also The owner of RB Salzburg Boutique, the city of Mozart, estimates up to 24 billion euros, according to Forbes.

The bride is coming as much as possible, considering that between 2010 and 2013, Red Bull won 4 Titles of the World Champion of Builders, Formula One, thanks to the V8 Volkswagen Racing Cars. At the same time, Sebastian Vettel held 4 World pilotage championships in this vehicle. Then, in 2021, he came around Max Verstappen, who became the firm’s leader.

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What can be the benefits shared by the Pokerstars and Red Bull Racing?

From no doubt, PokerStars has ever so visible to viewers and fans of the F1 and car circuits, to all the big awards season 2022 and the following (contract uniting two firms to a larger annual). This online poker specialist will be present thanks to a set of services offered, becoming the main sponsor of heavyweight motor racing.

The Pokerstars logo will appear not only on the shiny suits of the brand’s drivers, but also on the champions’ car, the RB18 (Red Bull’s initials). This one, for the sake of industrial espionage, has not yet revealed anything of the innovations that will surely make it one of the revelations and attractions of the new 2022 season.

Is this a promising development beyond the first advertising steps?

This commercial agreement far exceeds the prospect of selling and encounters new experiences, promotions and competitions;

The primary goal is to attract new users to F1 enthusiasts. But PokerStars Tiger is working on a device with an energy keyboard with Red Bull to develop a new platform and launch new technologies to increase players chances of playing. Hearts will be multiplied for two players: in and around Red Bull, in online casino sites, which give virtual existence to the imaginations of the better.

Both companies gain common benefits by allowing them to benefit from each other through a series of benefits.


Audacity, passion, innovation

The online sports platform offers its multiple options to the Red Bull competition dealer: The Magical Alloy is Pokerstars Casino, PokerStars (Poker Game) and PokerStars games.

After this acronym for the famous card game family appeared around 1800, we found a big company of silver and Paris games, flutter entertainment, in Dublin, owned by Britain’s Peter and its chairman and CEO Dan Taylor, 54% of PokerStars‘ acquisition of the brand in October 2019.

As its partner in Oracle Red Bull Racing, PokerStars shares the same philosophy and vision for the game and is “bold, passionate, innovative“, but responsible. She wants to create the “most epic” casino of i-gaming (sic) by diversifying the gaming experience for its users, players and sharing with them both their new Ox and sharing with them and their new Ox.

The new Eldorado of igaming?

The self-game includes all games that you can play online for money and which Poker is a paragon. This new market is permanently expanding, resulting in competition all the more drastic. It becomes clear that PokerStars, to win, must demonstrate their characteristics in all areas of webmarketing, including the exclusive support of automotive competition companies.

This market, classified into the third largest gambling market in Europe, recorded 50 Billion euros in bets and 11 billion gross revenue in 2019.

In France, sales growth depends directly on football and poker bets. Sometimes players are organized into exercises. Many others stop at physical casinos to turn to virtual money games, which represents about 2,7 million new fans of i-game. There is a constant innovation in the sector that gets credit that promises fair openings, to leadership elite in development, from PokerStars and new cars next year.


Will audiences of this area establish a parallel with the first use of social networks to make happy times of discovery: a penchant for online money games will follow for twenty years? PokerStars and Oracle Red Bull Racing are well placed to tell us this new epic on the Web…

In summary

PokerStars, the world’s first online gambling and entertainment brand, announced its partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing at the beginning of the year. The multi-year partnership, which includes branding for the RB18 and race suits, addresses F1’s growing audience as technological advances provide fans with new and unique ways to enjoy the sport.

This new relationship allows Oracle Red Bull Racing and PokerStars to reach an audience that shares similar passions and interests, while rewarding and engaging existing fans and players in new and unique ways with Formula 1-related entertainment, experiences, promotions, contests and epic content. The partnership will come to life across the full range of PokerStars and PokerStars Sports products.

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