Ukraine supported by the Gambling Industry


The European gambling industry has been moving in recent weeks to support not only its Ukrainian colleagues, but also all the people affected by the war in Ukraine.

In an article on LinkedIn, the CEO of Beyondplay, Karolina Pelc, announced the fundraising “supporting the Ukrainian gambling industry” and other organized sector members of this sector.

Back in solidarity initiatives for victims of this war.

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What is happening in Ukraine?

On Thursday, February 24 Dawn, Russian President Vladimir Putin launches an invasion in Ukraine. Russian soldiers bombard strategic military positions and earn ground. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling for general mobilization and calls for assistance from the international community.

Europeans announce sanctions against Russia. Weapons, medical and humanitarian materials are beginning to dock, coming from different countries. But Putin seems determined to continue the offensive and to change the government in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, was justified in explaining that the army had to defend two countries in the east of Ukraine, the Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk, in Donbass. He criticizes the Ukrainian government by accusing him of committing a “genocide“. These countries are favored by Russia. They want to separate from the rest of Ukraine. On February 21, the Russian President recognized their independence, but no other country did.

Gambling Industry Supporting Ukraine: a solidarity initiative for Ukrainians 

The Ukrainian gaming industry’s initiative aims to collect £250,000 to help Choose Love’s Ukraine crisis fundraising, which supports projects providing vital assistance to refugees created by Russia in Ukraine,” the T-shirt declared.

SBC CEO and founder Rasmus Sojmark, who is also the originator of the fundraising campaign, said: “The global gaming industry is a family and what has become clear in the last 100 days is the courage and responsibility it feels providing support to the people of Ukraine. Most organizations use UKIRAINAINS or a business in your area, shared a drink with them mainly and tied up with friends.

ukraine 2

Ukraine is a key player in the European gambling market, both in the domestic market and in sectors such as the United States. The country legalized games in the fall on July 14, 2020, after the prohibition period that began in 2009. One of the first operators to obtain a license in the country behind the market is parimatch, founded in Kyiv.

Yesterday, while moving to LinkedIn, the sports betting company said: “Our team is still working in most regions and Kyiv. Some are now serving in the field, others help block telegram links containing misinformation, some have become journalists at foreign or volunteer media and help with the Migration and Supply Logistics. From all Ukrainians … We stay in Ukraine to work here. We want to be here.

Ukrainian IT sector fights tanks by coding

The CEO of Atlantis, Sergei EFIMENKO, has welcomed massive support for Ukrainian refugees and said other industries have joined the humanitarian efforts launched by the casino sector.

“Many of our developers are in concert with the defense of the territory, and many others help build protection in the streets. Where there are beautiful flowers and fountains, we now build anti-railing protection and positions that now build anti-blasphemy protection and positions for machine guns”.

EFIMENKO says that if the company builds rigs against the Russian attack, it also fulfills its obligations and works on launch projects whenever WiFi allows and often with anti-bombs and METRO.

A positioning that could go further according to some observers

Gambling consultancy Regulus illustrates the associated effects that conflicts have in a recent post

One of the big problems raised by the creation of blocks is that the flow of money, people and services can become much smaller among them, a bit like the cold war. The Market elite,” he suggested. “Evidence of gauntlet and Sino-Russian countermeasures will likely involve tightening the vitality of the industry. World play, either as collateral damage or planning.”

In a similar way, a recent report by Macquarie Capital in the United States highlighted the potential impact of the Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency and Challenge speakers on outsourcing to many companies that are poised in Ukraine.

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However, and while sports organizations around the world have withdrawn their support to Russian events and teams, silver game operators will continue to take bets on Russian events.

As stated in an article by Bill Sperros on, legal betting has been taken on live sports in Russia despite military activities in the region in Ukraine. Fangelis, draftkings, Betmgm, Club and Caesars Sportsbook offered bets on table tennis for the Moscow League, while bet365 offered live bets on the female basketball game of the Russian Premier League.

Although after uniting in Ukraine and collecting funds to help the relief efforts it is still the greatest thing that some people can do, a larger and more efficient campaign in the industry would not be as good as the Russian Front for Peace.

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